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The following table lists a number of links to other websites that YDAA members may find of interest. We have concentrated on linking government, official body and specialist angling sites, sites with an important local theme, along with a few slightly more unusual non-commercial angling sites, with the aim of providing a wide range of useful information to coarse anglers of all persuasions. All links will open in a new browser window or tab. If you have any suggestions for sites that we could list here please contact the webmaster at webmaster@ydaa.org.uk
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The leading public organisation for protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales.
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For up to date information on river levels in England and Wales.
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The Angling Trust is the single organisation to represent all game, coarse and sea anglers and angling in England.
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We strive to protect pike from persecution by those who do not understand, or choose to ignore, the facts about the important role the pike plays in the balance of nature.
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To promote the barbel and its conservation, the conservation and development of suitable barbel fisheries and the quality of the environment in which they are sited.
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The Tenchfishers have a heritage going back to 1954 and are in fact one of the oldest single species groups.
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TackleUnderground.com is a fishing lure & fishing tackle maker's community. We discuss the tools, tips & techniques to make your own handmade baits and superior quality fishing tackle.
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One of the world's leading providers of environmental and weather-related services. Offers a week in advance forecast service by postcode region.
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Offers forecasts by postcode region. Differs from the Met Office in that they offer a two weeks in advance service which can be useful when planning a trip.
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Any angler aged 12 years or over, fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish or eels in England (except the River Tweed), Wales or the Border Esk and its tributaries in Scotland must have an Environment Agency rod licence.
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We are the biggest carp & angling web site in the UK and we make every effort to give you as much information as possible regarding Carp Fishing & Angling in the United Kingdom and Europe.
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PCAS was formed in 1969 to protect and restore the Pocklington Canal and to promote it as an amenity for everyone to enjoy.
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The British Disabled Angling Association (BDAA) was founded in 1996 by Terry Moseley to help develop opportunities for people with disabilities to access the activity of fishing in the UK.
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Invasive non-native species can have a damaging impact on British plants, animals and ecosystems - by spreading disease, competing for habitat and food and direct predation. Help stop this happening by following three simple steps: Check, Clean, Dry.
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