York & District Amalgamation of Anglers


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Newsheet 363 - October 2017

A question has ben raised on the website “Forum” regarding the Park stretch of the Beningbrough fishery. Members should note that parking is not allowed at the stile to the right of the hall on approach, but vehicles must be parked in the designated area over the cattle grid, then left and left again parking against the hedge. Only in cases of exceptional attendances at the Hall, meaning the car park is fully utilised, then cars may be parked carefully and neatly on the grass to the side of the road leading to the Hall gates. Two years ago the National Trust decreed that ‘night fishing’ would no longer be allowed along the Park due to security considerations, therefore No Night Fishing on this stretch. Similarly, approaching from the Lodge Gates (concrete block) night fishing is not allowed on the bottom stretch from the Nidd mouth to the end of the Hall grounds.

This pool opened again for angling on a Monday from 2nd October. Following a number of queries/assertions put to YDAA officials, there is no embargo, nor has there ever been G.P.C. discussions of such an embargo, on fishing Marley’s on the day prior to a YDAA Veterans match. Such assertions are either misinformed or mischievous.

Prospective members are reminded that from October 1st, the following fees apply.....Adult £22, Senior Citizen/Disabled £13.50, Intermediate £11, Junior £6. Laybourne Lake Permits, Holiday Permits, Day tickets and other charges remain as agreed for 2017.

Members are reminded that fishing in the Melbourne Marina is NOT allowed, and anglers are only permitted to fish in the approach channel as far as the third tree, (if my memory serves me rightly), where a Canal & Rivers Trust notice states “no fishing past this point”. Any sightings of anglers fishing within the Marina should be reported to Humberside Police on 101 or, to the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60.

The following notice has been received from the Canal & Rivers Trust : “ I am e-mailing to let you know that dredging will be taking place on the Pocklington Canal, commencing November 2017. The areas to be dredged are between Top Lock and Silburn Lock, and between Walbut Lock and Swing Bridge 7/Melbourne Arm. I’m not aware of fishing in the upper section to be dredging (which is very encroached by reeds and is steep sided), but it may be that these works affect people wishing to dredge upstream of Melbourne Arm – however please note there will be no works taking place downstream of the Melbourne Arm which will hopefully be a suitable alternative whilst dredging is taking place”.

The car park near the sewage works is currently out of bounds until further notice.

It has been reported that there is evidence of some ‘anglers’ defecating near the pond. This situation is not to be tolerated and may result in the loss of the water. If it is found necessary to ‘relieve oneself’, please ensure that that the results are well cleaned up and buried.

A point of clarification…..all members residing in the YO, HG, LS22, LS23 and LS24 postcode areas (as defined on 1 January 2014) shall be entitled to vote. All members are entitled to attend and express an opinion. The date of the Annual General Meeting is 15th November, business commencing at 20:00 hours at Club headquarters.

Following some debate on the Forum regarding YDAA funding it should be noted that, in order to obtain grant aid from many organisations, YDAA must be in a position to match the amount given with funding from it’s coffers. This, along with prudent business management to ensure reserves to deal with fish kills, emergency work and the vagaries of day to day trading, is why YDAA needs to keep a reserve fund available. A separate fund (created by funds mainly left from the sale of the City Arms) is available to help purchase waters.

This remains a problem all year, please remove any you see and take it home for proper disposal.

Many clubs will be coming to the end of their match programmes by this time of the year. Will Secretaries please complete and return these cards as soon as possible, if not sent in currently following each match, as awards are given for each card returned, and if a set percentage of cards for confirmed matches booked are returned, then a ‘bonus’ figure will be applied. All funds from the submission of these cards goes towards the Junior anglers of York Amalgamation, and York area.