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The YDAA Forums are the ideal place to chat about your days fishing on the Ouse or at Laybourne Lakes, to discuss the latest match results, or consider tactics for catching bream on the Selby Canal. There are also message boards for you to make reports about fishery problems or suggestions for this website; we welcome all you comments. YDAA staff may also use the forums to make announcements and organise events, so please keep a wary eye on them! Remember that these are public forums, so please be polite and courteous to all users at all times.

Registration for the forums is an automatic process. All you have to do is fill out your personal details, set and username and password, answer an easy security question and then wait for the confirmation email. Once you have received the email, it will contain a link for you to follow to verify your email details and make your account active. If you have any problems registering to use the forums please contact the forum administrator at YDAAForumAdminEMail


The YDAA Gallery is the place to find pictures of all our venues and examples of what you might find lurking in their depths!! If you are an active forum member, you can also register to upload and share you own images, and add comments to those uploaded by others. Unlike the forum, registration is not an automatic process, and you must use the same personal details you use on the forum to be considered for an account on the gallery system.

To register for the gallery please follow the instructions detailed in the following forum thread:

YDAA Interactive Gallery

Seeing we do not have unlimited space on our server, we would be grateful if your images are no larger than 900 pixels as the maximum dimension. Please do not upload images for which you do not own the copyright, and we suggest that you watermark your own images if you do not want others to use them for their own purposes. This is a public website and we can not be held responsible if our users save the images stored in our gallery to their own PCs.